Travel Writing

I’ve had the pleasure of writing for many fantastic clients and publications over the years.

Here are just a few samples of my writing:

25 Frugal Travel Tips Learned from 7 Years on the Road for

The Republic of Wine: Georgia’s Epic Love Affair With the Fermented Grape for

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Chiang Mai for Thailand Starter Kit

How to Find Awesome Local Things to Do in Any Travel Destination for

The No B.S. Guide to Becoming Location Independent for

A House Made of Air – Pablo Neruda’s Retreat in Valparaiso, Chile for

The Ultimate Reading List for Newbie Travelers for

How to Keep Up With Your Hobbies During Long Term Travel – And Why You Should for

Case Study: The 30 Minute Habit That Transformed Kelly’s Blog for

To see more examples of my work, check out my Portfolio. I keep it updated regularly and my most recently published projects are at the top.

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You can also follow Global Goose, my blog, for a steady stream of travel-related goodness.

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If you have had enough of reading travel stuff and you want something completely different, here’s a massive essay on Dadaist artist Marcel Duchamp, a guide to Vietnamese coffee, a poem about a small town in New Zealand that was destroyed by an earthquake and a photo of me and a dog who looks exactly like me. (I’m the one in blue, in case you weren’t sure.)

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