Expert Conversion Copywriting, Based On a Proven Process.

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Copy is never just “words on a page.” It’s your tireless, 24/7 online salesperson.

Hi, I’m Kelly and I’m a conversion copywriter.

Words are simply the tools I use to accomplish your business goals. The real work? Squeezing more money out of your data by understanding which proven persuasion techniques will convert your readers into buyers.

The honest truth? It’s not about you at all.

When you put the spotlight on your customers, that’s when the magic happens.

Can I tell you something I’ve learned in the 14+ years I’ve been doing this?

It’s that anything your company puts out into the world (emails, blog posts, web copy) should NOT be about you.

Instead, the main character should ALWAYS be your customer.

That’s why I take the time to understand who you’re selling to, so I can craft concise, powerful copy that speaks directly to them.

Just call her Conversion Kelly.

I had many many people pay me 20 and 25 thousand dollars for our program and tell me that a major part of it was reading through our About Me and getting to know and feel comfortable with who we were. Talk about an ROI! Just call her Conversion Kelly.

What an amazing job she did on that project working with me and tweaking everything to be just right. Her ability to create rapport with somebody through copy is insane.”

Grant Kemp
Creative Cash Flow

What Do You Get When You Mix Research, Strategy and Storytelling?

You get a recipe for engaging copy that converts.

When it comes to crafting your copy, I don’t just sit down at my keyboard and start making up wild guesses.

Effective copy (aka.the stuff that gets you results) is based on in-depth research, tried-and-tested strategies and an understanding of what makes people tick.

What are the messages that will really drive your customers to convert? How do you grab their attention, and make them care? What will make you stand out from your competitors?

My approach to copywriting is backed by a solid, tested process and there’s a clear purpose behind every word.

(Pictured: Matilda, my rescue pup, providing moral support.)

Brands I've Worked With

My Proven Process For a Successful Project


Research & Discovery

First, I’ll start by asking you a TON of questions so I can understand your business, your offer and your target audience.

Then, I’ll put my detective hat on and dig deep into what your customers struggle with and how your product or service makes their lives better.


Outlining & Writing

Now it's time to take my jumble of research and notes and spin it into concise, powerful human-sounding copy that will make people stop scrolling – and hit the “Buy” button.

I’ll make a plan for which persuasion techniques I'm going to employ to make this happen. I’ll send you a video explaining my strategy and the reasons behind it before I jump into writing - just to make sure we're on the same page.


Testing & Iterating

Other copywriters might stop after they've handed over the final draft - but not me.

This stage is where we set the copy in action and see how it performs. I’ll observe the stats and analytics so I can see what’s working and what isn’t.

At this stage, I may suggest tweaks and A/B testing so we can get the best possible ROI from your copy.

Your Marketing Upgrade Starts Here

Case Studies

I'll interview your customers to squeeze out the juicy details of how you helped them overcome their challenges. Then, I'll craft those insights into a sticky, engaging case study.

Email Marketing

Stop sending emails your prospects will immediately delete. Instead, make email marketing work for you with warm, personal, friendly emails that will be opened, read and acted upon. 

Website Copy

Strong, compelling website copy makes a couple of things crystal clear: the problem your customer is facing and why you're the perfect one to help them with it.

Need Something Not Listed Above? Let's Chat.

Questions on pricing, my process and what it's like to work with me?

I've put together a handy guide for you so you know what to expect when we team up for your project.

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