Travel is never boring. Why should your content be?

Tell travel stories that captivate your future customers.

When someone books a stay in your destination because they read about it online, that’s content marketing in action.

Today’s adventurous travelers do their research online before they make a booking. Powerful writing (that goes beyond the typical cliches) will make them giddy with excitement about your destination or experience.

When you give your readers useful and informative content, they will regard you as an authority on your particular corner of the world. They will grow to know, like and trust you and they will keep coming back again and again. 

My name is Kelly and I’m a tourism industry expert writer.

I’ve been traveling full time as a digital nomad since 2011. With over 60 countries under my belt and a proven track record of creating quality content for travel brands – I’d LOVE to help you stand out in this competitive industry.

Is this you?

  • You’re a business owner in the travel and tourism industry.
  • You are passionate and excited about using the power of strong writing to build your travel brand.
  • You know that you have something to say but you aren’t quite sure how to say it.
  • You aren’t afraid to be unique and show some personality, humor and humanity in the content you publish.
  • You have been thinking about creating a content strategy for your brand, such as an email series, a newsletter or a blog, and you are now ready to put it into action.
  • You have 45,958 things on your to-do list, and find it downright impossible to write on a regular basis.
  • You’d rather endure a 16 hour flight next to a crying baby than write your own content.
  • Or, maybe you tried doing the writing yourself but it made you want to bash your head against the keyboard? (It’s a lot harder than it looks.)
  • You are looking for the right freelancer for your brand, not the cheapest one. My rates reflect my high level of expertise in the travel and tourism niche and my excellent writing skills.

If the above sounds like you, we should talk.

Click here to tell me about your project and receive a no obligation custom quote. 

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