My clients are totally awesome people and I LOVE working with them. It appears they feel the same way about me, which is really nice.

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“Kelly is one of the most naturally gifted content writers that I have had the pleasure of working with. Our company has an ongoing contract with her to produce high caliber articles for our Resource Center. Kelly always delivers on time and her product is always of exceptional quality.

A truly gifted writer, Kelly also has a unique ability to understand the needs of our target demographic, and she does a very good job of preparing her work in an easy-to-grasp format. I highly recommend Kelly for web content, blog posts, white papers, etc. She’s an excellent addition to any marketing team.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kelly for a year now on an enormous copywriting project for my employer, a rapidly growing hospitality company. The project has entailed not only writing descriptions for for dozens of properties and then paraphrasing each one to adhere to the required format of several sales channels, but also researching neighborhood attractions that we can recommend to our guests.

On a project like this, it would be easy to burn out. Many of the properties are quite similar. And all neighborhoods have some variation of dining, nightlife, theater and parks to recommend. Kelly has been an absolute trooper. She’s managed to make every description sound fresh and compelling by finding the unique qualities of everything she writes about – even when a change in direction from management meant starting over when we were nearly finished.

Kelly was quick to learn the tone and structure required for this project, and I’ve been able to confidently hand-over large assignments with complete faith that I’ll get a high-quality product, delivered on time. Kelly’s great to work with, too. She’s an excellent communicator, is great at both offering and responding to suggestions, and it’s an added treat that I get to hear a bit about whatever corner of the world she happens to be visiting.

Kelly’s a great writer and worker, and if you’re considering hiring her for a project, don’t hesitate.”

“Excellent work again! Kelly is the best writer we have ever worked with, couldn’t be happier!”

“Kelly has this crazy ability to learn the in depth inner workings of exactly what you want your voice to be and delivers AMAZING copy from it. Not only that, but she’s incredibly easy to work with and stupid smart.

People pay me good money to train them in my industry and the program typically takes 6 weeks of class time for them to catch on. Kelly literally picked up on 90% of what people come to me to learn within the first 2 hour meeting we had. She then turned around and paired that knowledge to the voice she found out that I wanted and delivered incredible results.

I’m torn writing this recommendation, because while I need to be honest about how she performs, I don’t wanna be because if other people know how awesome she is I’m gonna have to share. 11/10 stars. You can’t go wrong with Kelly.”

“We were lucky enough to connect with Kelly online earlier this year and she’s been a valuable part of our content team every since. She has picked up our style and voice just right and now we now any writing we ask her to do is 100% on brand and message. She’s always very responsive and has never missed a deadline. Highly recommended for travel writing and she will continue to be an important part of our team. Where do I select the stars? (it would be 5!)”

“Kelly was fantastic! We are extremely pleased with the quality of work and hope to work with her again soon!”

“Working with Kelly Dunning has been an absolute pleasure. Not to mention, a HUGE step-up for my career.

First of all, Kelly is a brilliant copywriter who knows how to tell compelling stories. She has this unique way of opening with words that gets the reader’s full, undivided attention AND connect emotionally with them.

Which, if you know anything about copywriting, you’ll know that grabbing people’s attention & establishing an emotional connection with them is 90% of the heavy-lifting. Once you’ve done that, you’re inside the promised land. And then it’s time to make some money.

Second of all, she has an impeccable work attitude & a humble personality. I remember the first time I received feedback from her, far from being discouraged, I was actually pleased. You know how some people’s feedback just gets you down? Not Kelly’s. She used simple, clear, and gentle words in her feedback… pointing me to the exact mistakes that I had made – but also the positive side of my work. Allowing me to fix my mistakes AND double-down on my strengths… performed like a true world-class editor.

All in all, I just wanted to say that I’m glad we had the opportunity to work together. If it weren’t for Kelly’s involvement in my work, I know I wouldn’t be able to write at the level that I’m writing right now. Her honest feedback, words of encouragement, and honestly…just reading her copy is a source of inspiration for me. A master story-teller performing at her craft.

If you have a chance to work with Kelly, snatch it!”

“I’ve worked with Kelly on an ongoing basis for the last few months and she has been a phenomenal partner. She takes amazing initiative on each project and her work requires very little feedback or adjustments. I’d definitely recommend her for anyone looking for a good content writer.”

“It has been a pleasure working with Kelly on Rad Season. She has put together some fantastic content and always deliveries in a timely and professional manner. I can’t wait to work with Kelly on the next project and highly recommend her for anyone seeking a superb content writer.”


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