If you’re considering hiring her for a project, don’t hesitate.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kelly for a year now on an enormous copywriting project for my employer, a rapidly growing hospitality company. The project has entailed not only writing descriptions for for dozens of properties and then paraphrasing each one to adhere to the required format of several sales channels, but also researching neighborhood attractions that we can recommend to our guests.

On a project like this, it would be easy to burn out. Many of the properties are quite similar. And all neighborhoods have some variation of dining, nightlife, theater and parks to recommend. Kelly has been an absolute trooper. She’s managed to make every description sound fresh and compelling by finding the unique qualities of everything she writes about – even when a change in direction from management meant starting over when we were nearly finished.

Kelly was quick to learn the tone and structure required for this project, and I’ve been able to confidently hand-over large assignments with complete faith that I’ll get a high-quality product, delivered on time. Kelly’s great to work with, too. She’s an excellent communicator, is great at both offering and responding to suggestions, and it’s an added treat that I get to hear a bit about whatever corner of the world she happens to be visiting.

Kelly’s a great writer and worker, and if you’re considering hiring her for a project, don’t hesitate.

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