What Is Empathic Copywriting?

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of marketing your product or service, but sometimes we forget the most important rule: putting the customer first.

As a copywriter, I’ve learned that truly understanding and empathising with your customer is the key to creating effective copy.

This is the guiding star that I navigate by, and I work best with clients who see the value in the practices below.

What Does Empathic Copywriting Look Like?

💖 Focus on your customer’s needs, not just your product or service. This means doing your research and taking the time to really understand your customer’s pain points and desires.

💖 Use empathic, compassionate language in your copy to connect with your customer on a deeper level. Show that you care about their needs and desires, and that they can be themselves when interacting with your brand.

💖 Never mislead, trick or lie to your customer with deceptive language or design. You may get the sale today, but you’re ultimately damaging your brand.

💖 Don’t just try to sell something to someone for the sake of it. Genuinely offer a product or service that can make their life easier or better or help them become their best selves.

💖 Never shame or belittle your customers as a marketing tactic. Instead, create a space where they feel safe enough to trust you to solve embarrassing problems.

💖 Stop talking about yourself. Listen. Listen. Listen. Then listen some more. You can show them you’re listening by speaking the language your customers speak when they talk about the problem your product is solving.

Copy that respects and centres your customers builds stronger relationships, and drives better results.

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